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Here at Essex 4x4 Centre we offer a one stop shop for your entire auto refinishing requirements. From the irritating bumper scuff to those small dents that seem to appear from nowhere, right through to panel replacement and impact damage.

At Essex 4x4 Centre we work on all makes and models of vehicles and offer very competitive rates to all our valued customers.

Paintless Dent Removal

This can be a very cost effective way of removing small dents from your vehicle. Not all dents can be removed this way but we can advise you on this when you bring your vehicle to us for an appraisal

Paintwork Restoration

This service can be a cost effective way of restoring your car's dull and faded paintwork. It will also deal with the problems of light scratches, scuffs, and swirl marks. Over the years your car's paintwork can have a hard life with the sun affecting the pigments in the colour, machine car washes and other motorists also don't help its cause for a deep gloss long life. This is where we can help. We offer a service where we can machine polish your complete car with three different grades of compound. We then go round the whole car with a touch-up pencil. Finally the car is waxed to add a deep gloss. Although this can be carried out on most cars sometimes your paintwork can be beyond this. If you book your car in for a free assessment we can then advise the best route for you to take.

Cosmetic Repairs

The smaller repairs we deal with are scratches, dents and stone chips which are the most common damage to any car. Although these are the smaller kind of repairs they should be dealt with promptly or they can be a major cause of rust and can considerably drive down the re-sale value of your vehicle.

Complete Resprays

Many vehicles, especially older classic cars, may require a complete respray. If your car has scuffs, dents or damage on most of the panels or the paint work is looking tired this is probably the only option for you. We can give your vehicle a complete facelift with a full or part body respray. We have over 25 years of experience in complete resprays. We have repainted many marques including Lotus, Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini.

Body Shells and Restorations

If you provide us with the body shell of your classic car we can completely rebuild it. Depending on the construction of the body we will strip all of the paint using the correct method. Then remove any filler or old repairs. We can then replace any panels that are required and do all the repairs where necessary. We then use a re-face material to ensure all of the panels are correctly shaped. The body is then refinished in any colour of your choice to a very high standard. Throughout the restoration process we encourage all of our customers to visit the workshop to see the progress of their car. We also send our customers images of the progress during each stage of the project.

Lease Return

We now offer the service of a lease return inspection. Before you return your car to the lease company give us a call. Vehicle leasing companies are renowned for putting in large body repair charges on returned lease cars. We can inspect the car with you and guide you through the best course of action to take on the damage on your vehicle. One thing can be assured, our charges will be considerably less than your lease company.

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